Metal Creations

My main work is metal based, designing custom made sculptures that are great as centerpieces, or outdoor pieces mixed in with the landscape. I am open to commissions as well, making every piece unique and fit to the individual's aesthetic.

Mixed Media

As an environmentalist I hate to see things go to waste. It is very rewarding to create art out of found objects and materials that would otherwise be condemned. It also gives the pieces created a history.

2D Artwork

My Fine Art degree gave me a broad experience in many different mediums. In two-dimensional art I am seasoned in oil and acrylic painting, pencil, charcoal, intaglio printmaking and silkscreening. Matted prints are available for purchase.


Specializing in Oil paint and metal sculpture, I am keen on bringing people's visions to life. Whether it is a simple animal or landscape, or an in depth concept, I welcome the projects!

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