The Vision

A picture is worth a thousand words. Art is an inspiring way to spread knowledge, joy and creativity, alongside being a tool in shattering ignorance. It is important for all of us to remind ourselves to look at things with fresh eyes and without prior judgement. Gaining new perspectives helps us see the other side of things, and will hopefully allow us to find peaceful and sustainable solutions.


My Story

I spent most of my childhood playing games in the forest, building forts, and exploring. This connection to nature made me a very spiritual person, and makes me a passionate environmentalist. Both these aspects of my personality are the forefront in my artwork and in my life. It influenced my move out to Vancouver Island where I completed a BA Major in Visual Art and am a landscaper as my day job. As an artist, if I am not depicting a scene from nature, then I am translating an emotional/spiritual state the best I can. I hope that my work can make the viewer feel closer to nature and be a reminder of how important that aspect of our lives is.

Sculptures, paintings, and more...